Women’s apparel pattern making for contract manufacturing

Confezioni Velvet is specialized in designing women’s apparel and for over forty years has flanked great international brands and fashion designers in designing high-end garments, with a complete pattern making service which even comprises technical assistance and runway tailoring.

Modelleria Abbigliamento Donna Conto Terzi | Lombardia | Confezioni Velvet

Pattern making department

The pattern making department for women’s garments is the fulcrum of Confezioni Velvet, the nerve centre where designers’ drawings and sketches take shape to become fashion trends and high quality products.

With the support of latest generation CAD environments that are able to interface with a diversified range of IT systems, our specialized pattern makers interpret the clients’ requests with unfailing accuracy and present stylistic and technical solutions within the set deadline.

Pattern making services

Confezioni Velvet provides a complete service of women’s apparel pattern making for top fashion brands and designers all over the world. Indeed, the Manerbio headquarters, in Brescia province, is endowed with cutting-edge equipment to offer a top-notch service that comprises all phases of the process:
  • Pattern design
  • Fitting assistance
  • Pattern adjustment and final definition
  • Definition of the bill of materials and technical sheets for manufacturing
  • Introduction of paper patterns
  • Grading and placement
  • Technical assistance and runway tailoring

All-Italian pattern making service

All phases of the women’s apparel pattern making service are entirely carried out in Italy, at the company headquarters in Brescia province and by the outsourcers we coordinate and control directly. In this way, we are able to guarantee our customers high quality standards and full control over all operational phases.

Care and customization

It is the mission of Confezioni Velvet to listen to the needs of each and every client, this being the only possible way to deliver a customized pattern making service for contract manufacturing or for own-label products, with a view to interpreting and rendering the designers’ creative ideas most effectively. Attention to detail, brand consistency and total discretion are the standout characteristics of all of our activities.

Innovation and know-how

Similarly to the high level of professionalism and specialization of company personnel, the high technological content of the machinery employed by Confezioni Velvet is one of the company’s main strengths. Constant investments in innovative equipment and on-going professional training translate into a service that is constantly updated and in step with the requirements of a dynamic and ever evolving industry.

Complete service

Confezioni Velvet is a sound and reliable partner, well positioned to flank high fashion brands in a way that is exhaustive and highly professional. From design to fitting assistance, from the introduction of paper patterns to grading and placements, right up to the runway, the Brescia-based firm is a go-to supplier among high-end international brands.